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Current Presenters

The people currently doing Planetarium shows are:

Patrick Barth, Elliott Fogg, Oliver Herbort (Contact), Dominic Samra, Juan Hernandez Santisteban, Nicole Schanche, Meng Yang (Contact), Suinan Zhang, Yirui Zheng

If you want to know more about our team and our shows, please write to

"I'm doing the planetarium shows because I love the mythology associated with the constellations and the planets, and passing those stories on to future generations." - Claire

"No two planetarium days are the same, the depth and diversity of questions posed by each group makes every visit fresh and fun (as well as keeping us on our toes!). With people like Chris Hadfield and Brian Cox bringing space back into the public consciousness, it is a pleasure to be able to go into schools and share the story of the vast and epic Cosmos and how we've interacted with it over the generations, hopefully even inspiring a new generation of young scientists." - Hayden

"My interest in astronomy was lit up by planetarium shows. My quriousity and imagination quickly develped into a love for the skies. Now I want to pass down that passion the same way it was passed down onto me" - Inna

Past Presenters

The Mobile Planetarium has had a lot of help from previous staff and students at the University of St Andrews. These include:

Jo Barnes, Nicholas Boardman, Inna Bozhinova (Former Contact), David Brown, Paul Browne, Alison Campbell, Claire Davies, Simon Driver, Nick Dunstone, Hayden Goodfellow, Raphaëlle Haywood (Former Contact), Leslie Hebb, David Hill, Phil Hill, Gabriella Hodosan, Alistair Hodson, John Ilee, Keith Horne, David James, Katharine Johnston, Colin Johnstone, Lisa Lehmann (Former Contact), William Lucas, Milena Pawlik, Maya Petkova, Gerardo Ramón Fox (Former Contact), Laura Rigon, Thomas Robitaille, María Rodríguez-Barrera, Rowan Smith, Roger Stapleton, Kate Rowlands, Victor See, Aurora Sicilia-Aguilar, Jenny Summersgill, David Starley, Fiona Vincent

If you want to know more about our team and our shows, please write to

Additional Thanks

The new website for the Mobile Planetarium has been designed by Marietta Heasman, Claire Davies and Inna Bozhinova.