A summer school on Monte Carlo radiation transfer techniques will be held in St Andrews from 27th August until the evening of 31 August 2017. The number of places is limited with priority given to STFC-funded PhD students and postdocs. Students will be introduced to the basic techniques in Monte Carlo radiation transfer and their applications to scattered light, dust and gas radiative equilibrium, photoionisation, and NLTE molecular line transfer. There will also be lectures on using Monte Carlo radiation transfer in radiation magnetohydrodynamics simulations. Guest lecturers from medical physics will present applications of Monte Carlo techniques for light transport simulations in photo therapies. Several publicly available Monte Carlo codes will be introduced in detail with the goal that by the end of the school the students will have a toolbox of codes that they can use in their own research projects. The programme will comprise short introductory lectures to each topic, followed by detailed descriptions of individual codes. Lots of time will be set aside for students to become familiar with using the codes and interacting with the lecturers who developed them. There will be special sessions on using MCRT codes to post-process numerical hydrodynamics simulations for modelling and interpreting high spatial resolution continuum and line observations from observatories such as ALMA, VLT/SPHERE, VLTI.


Unfortunately, this edition of the summer school is over. However, we would very much like to hear about your summer school experience. Please fill out the online feedback form (anonymous).

We would like to thank Blown Away for organizing the beach activities on Wednesday. Pictures of the beach activities (and of the conference) can now be found on the pictures page.


Registration was possible until Friday 14th July.


All expenses for STFC-funded PhD students and postdocs are covered by the STFC, including travel by rail to St Andrews from within the UK, five nights accommodation, delegate fees, and meals and events.

STFC funded participants wanting to claim back their travel expenses can fill out the STFC claim form (Excel file!). Claims and scanned receipts should be sent directly to studentships@stfc.ac.uk.

Non-STFC participants had to pay a registration fee of £700.


Email Kenny Wood - kw25@st-andrews.ac.uk - with any questions or queries.

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