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Welcome to my homepage. I began my academic life as a physicist, then became a pseudo-biologist, before finally settling into the astronomy deparment at the University of St Andrews to put the two skill sets together to the task of astrobiology. I am now in the third year of an STFC funded PhD project investigating biosignatures of diverse microbial life on extrasolar planets.

My current research interests are centred around how climate and habitability on Earth analogue planets evolve alongside the main sequence evolution of the planet's host star and how life could adapt to survive as environmental conditions change. One of the aims of this work is to determine how an inhabited planet's biosignatures change throughout the course of its habitable lifetime and at what point such planets cease to be habitable.

Curriculum Vitae


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"Exotic Photosynthesis in Binary Star Systems" - popular astronomy article for l'Astrofilo

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