Our Group

Our Group

If you want to contact us, just send an email to username@st-andrews.ac.uk.

Staff Members

Prof. Ian Bonnell

email username: iab

Research interests: How stars form in galaxies and how the young stars affect their natal environment.


Dr. Claudia Cyganowski

email username: cc243

Research interests: Massive star formation and YSOs.


Prof. Simon Driver

email username: spd

Research interests: The evolution of mass, energy, and structure (from the epoch of reionisation until the present day).

Other: GAMA

Prof. Keith Horne

email username: kdh

Research interests: Echo mapping methods to study accretion onto black holes in the nuclei of active galaxies.

Other: Exoplanet detection with microlensing; conformal gravity theory.

Dr. Anne-Marie Weijmans

email username: amw23

Research interests: Galaxy dynamics, integral field surveys, stellar populations and compact galaxies.


Dr. Vivienne Wild

email username: vw8

Research interests: Stellar populations, galaxy mergers, dust in galaxies, QSO absorption line systems.


Dr. Kenny Wood

email username: kw25

Research interests: Star formation and the structure of the interstellar medium; 3D Monte Carlo radiation transfer codes.

Other: Light activated treatments of skin cancer

Prof. Hongsheng Zhao

email username: hz4

Research interests: What is the nature of dark matter and how is it distributed? Gravitational lensing; modified gravity.



Dr. Duncan Forgan

email username: dhf3

Research interests: Hydrodynamic simulations (SPH) of star formation on parsec scales; self-gravitating disc fragmentation; planet and brown dwarf formation; exomoons; habitability in stellar systems and at galactic scales; SETI.


Dr. Will Lucas

email username: wel2

Research interests: Star formation and gas clouds in the Galactic Centre of the Milky Way.


Dr. Jairo Méndez Abreu

email username: jma20

Research interests: Galaxy structure and dynamics, and environmental effects.

Other: CALIFA, Estallidos, Megara on GTC, Weave on WHT, SEDmorph (ERC)

Dr. Milena Pawlik

email username: mp84

Research interests: Morphologies of post-starburst galaxies.

Other: SEDmorph (ERC)

Dr. Kate Rowlands

email username: ker7

Research interests: Dust and gas properties of galaxies; dusty early type galaxies; galaxy bimodality, post-starburst galaxies, quenching, sub-mm galaxies, chemical evolution, SED fitting.

Other: GAMA, Herschel-ATLAS, JINGLE, MaNGA, SEDmorph (ERC)

Dr. Rita Tojeiro

email username: rmftr

Research interests: Stellar populations, the assembly of stellar mass and dark matter, the large-scale structure of the Universe, spectroscopic redshift surveys, galaxy clustering.


Dr. Bert Vandenbroucke

email username: bv7

Research interests: Advanced hydrodynamical integration methods (moving mesh methods, mesh-free methods) and their application for simulations of the formation and evolution of isolated dwarf galaxies.


PhD Students

Josh Argyle

email username: ja66

Supervisors: Jairo Méndez-Abreu and Vivienne Wild.

Thesis description: Bulge Formation and Evolution Through Cosmic Time.

Indranil Banik

email username: ib45

Supervisor: Hongshen Zhao.

Thesis description: Structure formation in the Local Group, modified gravity theories.

Dominic Bates

email username: db217

Supervisor: Rita Tojeiro.

Thesis description: Large scale structure, clustering redshifts.

Nicholas Boardman

email username: nfb

Supervisor: Anne-Marie Weijmans.

Thesis description: Dark Matter Halos in Early-Type Galaxies.

Chris Duckworth

email username: cd201

Supervisor: Rita Tojeiro and Anne-Marie Weijmans.

Thesis description: Galaxy assembly bias within dark matter halos.

Kristin Lund Gunnarsdottir

email username: kbgl

Supervisor: Ian Bonnell and Kenny Wood.

Thesis description: Galactic scale star formation.

Tim Hewlett

email username: th51

Supervisor: Carolin Villforth and Vivienne Wild.

Thesis description: AGN triggering mechanisms and feedback, galaxy morphology.

Alistair Hodson

email username: aoh2

Supervisor: Hongsheng Zhao.

Thesis description: Modified gravity theories.

Maya Atanasova Petkova

email username: map32

Supervisor: Ian Bonnell.

Thesis description: Modelling star formation and feedback on Galactic scales.

Felipe Ramón

email username: fgr2

Supervisor: Ian Bonnell.

Thesis description: Simulations of star formation on galactic scales.

Carl Roberts

email username: cr714

Supervisor: Keith Horne.

Thesis description: Alternative gravity theories.

Romas Smilgys

email username: rs202

Supervisor: Ian Bonnell.

Thesis description: Star formation in spiral galaxies.

David Starkey

email username: ds207

Supervisor: Keith Horne.

Thesis description: Echo-mapping of AGN.

Layth Talib Hadi Tajuldeen

email username: ltht

Supervisor: Vivienne Wild.

Thesis description: Star-formation histories and spectral fitting of post-starburst galaxies.

Meng Yang

email username: my38

Supervisor: Anne-Marie Weijmans and Vivienne Wild.

Thesis description: Galaxy formation and evolution.