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Mobile Planetarium | Availability

Hiring the Mobile Planetarium for your school or event

The table below shows the availability of the Mobile Planetarium for the next year (available booking slots are shown in green). The Mobile Planetarium team can perform shows twice a month with a maximum of six shows on any given day. Please note, we are only able to visit one school per day.

We are currently taking bookings up until summer 2020. Book now to avoid disappointment. Please indicate the number of shows (around 25 children for each show), audience and your preferece of specific days or dates within one of the available slots when you contact us.

Arranging a visit to the University of St Andrews' Mobile Planetarium

If you are unable to accomodate the Mobile Planetarium at your school or event, you can arrange to pay us a visit instead. Due to room availability, this option is only available outwith the University of St Andrews teaching semesters. The semester dates for the current academic year are as follows or click Semester Dates.

Martinmas Semester Sept 2019 - Dec 2019
Candlemas Semester Jan 2020 - May 2020